Introduction to CUDA & Debugging

The idea for this blog is help users get familiar with CUDA terminology as well as learn GPGPU programming. I also intent to show basics of NVidia NSight for debugging CUDA kernels. Let’s dive & understand CUDA terminology. Having some familiarity with C++ & Threading (on CPU) should help. Basic GPU constructs A GPU wouldContinue reading “Introduction to CUDA & Debugging”

Unreal’s Nanite – A brief overview

What is Nanite One of hard problems in computer graphics specifically for games is how to render unlimited polygons/triangles efficiently in real time. Artists have dreamt about a world where they don’t have to worry about polycounts. Nanite is UE5 technology that tries to achieve it by implementing a very efficient yet dynamic LOD (levelContinue reading “Unreal’s Nanite – A brief overview”

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